13.5 MW Ukraine Solar Project Online

Apr 24,2019
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TIU Canada, a renewable energy company set up under the Canadian-Ukrainian Free Trade Agreement (CUFTA), has completed and commissioned 13.5 MW solar power plant in Ukraine. This is the company’s second solar power plant in the country with funding provided by Canadian government under CUFTA.

The 13.5 MW Vita Solar Power Plant had been under construction since September 2018 and was supposed to come online before the end of 2018. Now the company has announced official commissioning of the same.


TIU Canada has used 39,348 LONGi Solar’s panels for the Kalynivka, Mykolayiv oblast located 13.5 MW project with 5 inverters coming from SMA Solar. Total project cost was €11 million ($12.37 million). The company already operates 10.7 MW solar power plant in Nikopol, Ukraine and now it has close to 25 MW capacity in operation here.

In early April 2019, LONGi Solar confirmed it will supply 63.8 MW module capacity to a project being developed by a joint venture between ICU and VR Capital Group.