South Australia's RE project planning exceeded 10GW

With the development and approval of a series of PV energy storage projects, South Australia's large wind and solar project planning has grown to 10GW. South Australia currently plans to reach 100% renewable energy by 2030 and become a major energy exporter in other countries.
Dan van Holst Pellekaan ,South Australian Energy and Mining Minister, said that the installed capacity of solar and wind power generation in South Australia is currently about 10GW, which demonstrates South Australia's huge potential for renewable energy.
South Australia has always been a leader in renewable energy in Australia. According to the report, by 2030, the state's renewable energy generation will account for 73.5% of its total consumption, up from 53% in 2018, and in order to achieve the government's goal of 100% renewable energy, about 1,300MW of installed capacity is needed.Within a few weeks, the state government has approved a five-kilometre 500MW PV and 250MW/1000MWh energy storage project around Robertstown and a 280MW Bungama project combined with a 140MW/560MWh energy storage system.
There is another large-scale project whic including 200MW PV and 120MWh energy storage system. The second phase of the project may also add another 200MW PVand 150MWh energy storage. The project has signed a PPA agreement with Alinta Energy.
According to reports, the latest government approval is a $200 million PV energy storage project at Murray Bridge, developed by RES. The project consists of a 176MW Pallamana PVystem and a 66MW/140MWh lithium-ion battery, located in southeast Adelaide.
According to the project’s website, construction may begin next fall and create about 200 direct jobs. The project will be operated in mid-2021 and it is expected to hire four full-time employees during the using time. 
The Pallamana project is a new addition to RES Australia's solar portfolio, which includes 72MWEmerald, 22MWDalby and 100MWTarleigh Park PV projects. Globally, the developer has delivered more than 16 GW of renewable energy projects, and its planned utility-scale PV projects include 1.5 GW of development and 430 MW of construction or ongoing projects.